Mission & Services

I.           Promosalons network
The Promosalons network is dedicated exclusively to promoting French trade shows internationally. Its Board of Directors is made up of 13 French trade show organisers (including Comexposium, Reed Expositions France and GL events Exhibitions) plus 13 representatives from institutional partners (including Business France, the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry , CEP – the Paris exhibitions committee, Medef, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Paris Paris Île-de-France Regional Council, UNIMEV, the City of Paris and VIPARIS).

Promosalons was established in 1967 as a collective international promotion body for French trade shows. Today, Promosalons is a key player in international exhibition promotion. We represent 80 of France’s 100 international trade shows, most of them ranking among the world leader in their field: the Paris Air Show, Paris Motor Show, Sial, Masion&Objet, Mondial du Bâtiment, Pollutec, and many more. We also help to develop and tailor their trade shows for overseas markets. Seventy percent of international attendance at French trade shows each year is generated by our activities.

II.       Mission & Expertise
Our core mission
To increase the number of international visitors and exhibitors at French trade shows.
And in doing so, contribute to the attractiveness of France and Paris as flagship locations for international events.
We contribute to the growth and success of French trade shows by promoting and marketing them internationally.

Our expertise:
Promosalons helps exhibition and event organizers to develop their strategy and ensures that the most appropriate sales, marketing and promotional actions are put in place to attract and retain international visitors and exhibitors.

Our know-how:
•        Devising and carrying out promotional campaigns aimed at French trade show visitors, buyers and exhibitors (direct marketing, press and public relations, webmarketing, etc.)
•        Identifying, contacting and retaining exhibitors with dedicated staff.
•        Performing ROI studies, sector analyses and gathering market intelligence
•        Supporting the expansion of French trade shows outside France
•        Other services: pre-registration, management of visa requests, travel arrangements, and much more.

Our strengths:
•        Unrivalled geographical coverage: 55 offices in 120 countries on 5 continents
•        Bicultural experts: our teams have a profound grasp of both French and the local culture enabling them to tailor the French shows’ strategies to the specific local socio-economic environment.
•        A dual role – advice and action: our teams draw on their knowledge of their local markets to advise the show organisers and work with them to define appropriate promotional campaigns.
•        Proximity to foreign markets: our experts are based in the field and so have close relationships with the economic and corporate players in their countries.
•        Dynamic teams who work closely with French trade shows
•        Expertise in 20 industry sectors.

III.    Our History
Since 2004, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (CCIFV) is the representative of Promosalons in Vietnam and Cambodge in order to develop their actions.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between Vietnamese businesses looking for partners in France and other countries with a French commercial program that CCIFV represents.
Each year, Promosalons Vietnam brings about 500 visitors and 40 exhibitors companies into French trade shows dedicated to the Asea market: Sima Asean (The Southeast Asian Agri-Business Show), Intermat Asean (The Southeast Asian trade show for construction and infrastructure), Sial China and Sial Interfood (Food Innovation Exhibition in China and Indonesia)...or to the world market: Piscine Global (The leading swimming pool & wellness event), Sima Paris (Paris International Agribusiness Show), World Effiency Solutions (The premier international meeting for the low-carbon and resource-efficient economy)...

Our events in 2017:
We helped 100 Vietnam and Cambodia agricultural workers to visit Sima Asean and 44 Vietnamese and Cambodia construction workers to visit Intermat Asean in Bangkok, Thailand. We also supported a delegation of 20 people in its visit at Sima Paris in Paris, France... 
We sent a business delegations of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam into Paris and other countries in Europe. The objectif was to survey and seek the european seed sourcing for the Vietnamese agriculture.
We also organized a business strip in France for the delegation from the Food and Foodstuff Association of Ho Chi Minh City.

For more information, please contact: Mrs. NGUYEN Dac Boi Quynh: bquynh.nguyendac@ccifv.org - 028 38 25 86 25
Website of Promosalons Vietnam - Cambodia: www.facebook.com/promosalonsvietnamcambodia/
Website of Promosalons: www.promosalons.com


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