Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR awareness and its development are key factors that will positively differentiate companies, create shared value while enhancing sustainable development in Vietnam. 

Through our events, publications and services, we encourage and support companies to integrate sustainability principles into their corporate DNA.


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1 : Raise awareness 


CCIFV organizes events to give you a better understanding of CSR and its various components: the environment, labor practices, corporate governance, involvement with local communities, fair labor practices, consumer issues, human rights.

Our events are designed for companies willing to operate in a socially responsible way. It's the occasion to meet other actors and find the right partners to implement your CSR projects.


Read more about our events:

CSR Committee: Employee Engagement   

Speed Meeting NGO Business

Responsible agribusiness Roundtable   

How Doing Good Is good for Business



CCIFV is also making publications to inform businesses about the last CSR challenges, highlight good business practices, important events, and give tips to successfully build a CSR strategy. We also launch surveys to understand the expectations of the businesses and their employees, so that we can improve the tools and services we offer to enhance corporate social responsibility.

In December 2018 CCIFV and KPMG will release a CSR Guidebook.



2 : Support companies

Ou role is to create the seeds of positive change and to turn ideas and projects into concrete actions in Vietnam. We provide solutions to companies eager to start, grow or enhance their CSR strategy. 

The CSR Diagnosis helps the company defining a CSR vision, integrating it into the corporate culture and involving employees in CSR activities. This business evaluation tool is based on ISO 26000 standard and enables the company to identify key stakeholders, to define new priorities and a specific action plan. 


Online tool
CCIFV Social Responsibility Platform
is a tool to connect individuals, businesses and NGOs eager to create positive social and environmental impact. The platform matches the needs of users with the offers of other users, in terms of human, financial, material or knowledge resources. We aim to enable the creation of strategic and sustainable partnerships rather than encouraging simple charity giving. 

Create your account on the platform, tell us more about the specific resources you need or offer, your projects and your ideas. You will access to a selection of high impact projects and get the opportunity to find the right partner!



How to register?

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Ms Clemence ARON - CSR Project Manager
T: +84 168 94 10 353


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At CCIFV, we also develop internal policies! Our entire team is committed to taking action to protect the environment:

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